First ID@Xbox games coming to Xbox One Soon

Worms Battlegrounds And Nutjitsu coming to Xbox One.

xbox one indie worms battlegrounds

The Xbox One has been out for a number of months now and unfortunately the games haven’t been flooding in leaving its 4 million plus users of the console wanting. This month is defiantly the turning point for the console as more and more of the next-gen games that we have been looking forward to for some time are getting nearer and nearer to launching on the system. One of the thinks that I likes most when the console launched back in November 2013 was the ID@Xbox programme that Microsoft announced, here is a quick look at what the ID@Xbox programme is.

What is ID@Xbox? –ID@Xbox is shorthand for the Independent Developers Publishing Program for Xbox One, a new program enabling independent game developers of all sizes to produce and self-publish games digitally on Xbox One. It’s also shorthand for how to get your game onto Xbox One without a publisher. Source: Xbox Website

As a huge fan of the Arcade/Indie games on the Xbox 360, I was really looking forward to seeing what some of this Independent Developers that may never of stood A change of getting their game published in the past had to offer. Finally the wait is over and the first two Indie games for the Next-Gen console have been confirmed by Phil Spencer the other day, as he said that NinjaBee’s Nutjitsu and a mystery Team17 Worms game will be among the first ID@Xbox titles released. Nutjitsu is a free-to-play Windows 8 puzzle game from Ninja Bee, the studio behind A World of Keflings.Team 17 have also announced that Worm Battlegrounds will be released on Both PS4 and Xbox One very soon. Are we now starting to see the Xbox One becoming the epic gaming machine that we have come the expect, and will the release of the first two Indie games open the flood gates for other developers too?.


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  1. Finally! Microsoft is opening the doors to indie games.
    I guess they learned that it worked for Sony.

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