Halo 5 Coming to Xbox One 2015

Halo 5 release date 2015

halo 5 out on xbox one 2015

Halo is the biggest selling gaming franchise exclusive to Xbox and there is good reason for that. Halo has been one-off if not the best game ever made, so when we found out that Halo 5 will be coming to Xbox One 2015 we got just a little bit exited. Many fans of the series may be a little disappointed by how long you might have to wait to get your latest Halo fix however there is more to this story.

IGN had an interview with Steve Downes, the voice actor for Masterchief in the upcoming Halo 5. Downes made it clear that Halo 5 is not near completion and we will probably be looking late 2015 before we can finally get are grumpy little mitts on it.

Halo 2 anniversary edition rumors late 2014

One of the other things Downes mentioned in the Interview with IGN is that we should be expected to see the launch of the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition at some point later this year. Shortly after the interview Downes quickly added that he is simpler saying that as it is what he has read online. We believe that the actor has accidentally let slip and Microsoft have quickly moved to hush the story up. We could be wrong, but here is hoping that Halo 2 Anniversary edition is on the horizon and we can be playing at some point this year

For now us Halo fans out there will just have to continue playing the games we have now, although I would love nothing more than for A Halo Wars 2 to come out that would keep me entertained until Halo 5.


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