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NHL App Coming to Xbox One This Month.

NHL & Plex App coming to Xbox One This Month.

nhl app xbox one

With the New NHL season kicking off this month, the news that the NHL App is coming to Xbox One this month with please many owners of the Xbox One Console. The NHL App will give you access to the NHL like never before. Follow your favourite team with live scores, news, and indepth analysis. NHL gamecentre subscribers will be able to keep up with the teams in the league, with live games and out-of-market season games and replays.

Plex App arriving on Xbox One by popular Demand.

plex app on xbox one

It seams Microsoft really are starting to take their customers seriously and are clearly starting to listen. The hugely popular Plex Service is coming to Xbox One after many Xbox One owners requesting it. The Plex App that comes to Xbox One at some point this week, will be a welcome edition to the ever growing Xbox One Apps. Plex is an entertainment App that gives you the choice of a wide range of films and TV shows, not only that the app also allows you to stream from your personal PC libary.

Both these Apps with be compatible with  Kinect, with functioning gesture controls.


New Xbox One App: MLG available now.

MLG App available now on Xbox One

Major League gaming is now a massive brand watched by millions of people worldwide each week. The new app, which was already available on Xbox 360 allows you to watch competitive content, MLG news and live broadcasts. The app is launched just in time for the MLG Championship taking place June 20 – 22 in Anaheim, Calif., which will feature live coverage of the competition and the some of the league’s best players. The MLG Championships will feature matches in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killer Instinct and more.

MLG App out now on Xbox One

The MLG App is just one of many that Microsoft are bringing to the Xbox One this year. Earlier this month it wasnannounced that more that 40 apps are coming to Xbox One soon.

How to get Free games On Xbox One

Free arcade classics on Xbox One

Xbox One has been around for a few months now but unfortunately the games haven’t exactly been flooding in leaving many of us gamers out there a little bored of the Next-gen already. There is a solution to the boredom crisis that has hit the Xbox One owners and that is Arcade classics. Here’s what to do, Open up your internet explorer app on your Xbox One, then head to this site once on the site it is pretty straight forward, just simply choose the game you want to play and of you go. Don’t be expecting games that will give Titanfall a run for its money, however I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself and it really is a neat little site to go on when you are bored and have a bit of time to kill. Have a look at the screen shots below to see just some of the free games you can play at playboxie.

free xbox one gamesmore free xbox one gameseven more free xbox one games

I am guessing that there is more sites like this around the web and if you do happen to know of one please do feel free to share in the comment section below. Please also remember that you need an Xbox Live Gold membership to access Internet Explorer on Xbox One, if you are yet to get a gold membership why not get one for free. Check out my page on How to get free Xbox live gold on Xbox one to find out how to get it absolutely free.

Thanks to Microsoft announcement yesterday, you can now get your hands on Free Xbox One games thanks to the games with gold offer. When I say you can now get your hands on Xbox one games for free I am lying a little bit because this offer because available in June for more details check out my other post about it here: free games coming to Xbox One

Rude Behavior causing havoc for Twitch TV App On Next-Gen

Twitch TV App being misused by Gamers on Next-Gen consoles.

twitch tv app for xbox one

The Hugely popular gaming platform. Twitch TV which generates over 45 million visitors to its site each month is now available to gamers on both Microsoft & Sony’s Next-Gen consoles. The Twitch TV App allows gamers to live stream their gameplays for the world to see, all from the press of a button. This new App is already hugely popular for gamers on Sony’s Playstation 4 however for users on the Xbox One the App isn’t completely ready yet meaning you can’t take advantage of the Live streaming feature, which is a massive blow for both Microsoft and owners of the new console. Microsoft have however announced that the live stream feature will be up and running early 2014.

Gamers Behaving Badly On Twitch TV for Playstation 4

Owners of the Playstation 4 console have quickly become addicted to the new Twitch App, I mean who wouldn’t like an audience watching while  you game. But this new piece of gaming tech hasn’t come without its problems. Twitch have confirmed that the Playroom feature on the Playstation 4 Twitch App has been removed for the time-being due to lewd Behavior. That’s right through out the week reports have been cropping up of gamers misusing the consoles new feature to broadcast inappropriate footage. Twitch explained that it already needed to remove multiple streams due to salacious behavior and inappropriate comments in chat rooms. One stream featured a man undressing his partner after an extensive drinking session. Twitch wanted to remind users of the T&C that it only provides related gaming content and any unrelated content will be removes as per the Terms of Service. Twitch have not yet announced when the feature will be back up and running yet but we will keep you updated.
Let’s hope the when it launches on Xbox One there is no problems with regards to inappropriate content however it wouldn’t surprise me if the app is misused once again.

Twitch TV app for Xbox One, The good and the Bad.

Xbox One App: Twitch TV

twitch tv out now on xbox one

Twitch is an online gaming platform that allows users to watch people from around the world playing video games. Twitch TV has become the biggest gaming platform in the world, so it’s not surprising that both Microsoft and Sony struck a deal to have a Twitch App on the next-gen consoles. So essentially Twitch is a YouTube style site just for the gaming community that allows you to Livestream you gameplay to millions of people around the world, you can see the appeal right?. Twitch has only been running for just over 2 years a has built up such an audience that it now receives over 45 million unique visitors a month each watching an average of 100 minute worth of videos a day. Twitch has never really been a place for the average joe to go and livestream because up until a few weeks ago you would need to fork out on an expensive capture card to stream you videos to the PC, that has now all changed.

Now you can be the star of the show.

Well not quite yet if you’re a Xbox One owner. From Early 2014 you will be able to stream you gameplays directly to Twitch all from the press of a button on your Xbox One, no expensive capture cards needs, no unnecessary wires clogging up your desk just a straight forward App that is easy to use. unfortunately Microsoft couldn’t get this feature ready in time for the launch of the Xbox One last friday however as stated above, Microsoft have claimed it will be here at the start of the new year. The Twitch App is available to download now on the dashboard however you will only be able to watch other people’s streams and videos. Unlike on the PS4, Xbox One users will have full access to Twitch content and will not be limited to watching content just on Xbox One.

Achievements For watching Twitch on Xbox One.

This is one for all you achievement hunters out there, the Twitch app will come with a set of Achievements for you to complete including:

  • Newcomer: Watch one hour of live video on Twitch
  • Competitive: Watch 10 hours of live video on Twitch
  • Best Viewer: Watch 100 hours of live video on Twitch
  • Hipster: Watch one hour of live video on Twitch channels that have less than 10 viewers
  • Talent Scout: Watch 10 hours of live video on Twitch channels that have less than 10 viewers
  • Max Bandwidth: Watch a single channel on Twitch for more than eight hours consecutively
  • Around the Clock: Watch at least one minute of live video on Twitch in each hour of a full day
  • Prime Time: Watch a total of 10 hours of live video on Twitch between peak viewing hours from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m., on a weekday

achievements to unlock for twitch tv app on xbox one


Not exacly the best achievements to get in the world, but they will be easy to get thanks to the Xbox One snap feature. On Xbox One you are now able to have two things loaded up at the same time on screen so while you are playing COD: Ghosts for example, you can be watching someone playing it on the Twitch TV app. The only downside to this fantastic app on the Xbox One is the fact that you need to be an Xbox Live gold member to gain access to it, which I know may be a bit of a disappointment to some of you out there.

Is the Twitch App something you can see yourself used on the Xbox One?. Let me know in the link below.

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