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Xbox One Slim coming 2016?

Xbox One slim in 2016?.

With the start of the new year brings the start of new rumours. The latest rumour surrounding the Xbox One, is that Microsoft may have a slim lined version of the new console in the pipeline. There is in no solid evidence of this, however it is rumoured that Microsoft may be building the slim Xbox one to compete with the Apple TV and that you may only be able to play windows store games, this would of course be reflected in the price.

xbox one slim

Xbox One slim

What we do know is that Microsoft are making sure that for owners of the Xbox One, 2016 will be a year like no other. These were the words of Yusuf Mehdi, the Microsoft marketing executive had this to say

 Xbox One owners can look forward to the company’s best lineup of games in 2016.

So is a new Xbox One slim on the horizon in 2016 only time will tell, what I do know is we are sure looking forward to what they have install for us in this new year.


First Xbox One System update currently being rolled out.

Xbox One February System Update – What’s new?,

Microsoft continue to deliver on there promise, Microsoft are still listening to the community and creating the Console fans want, this February is no different.


Here are the changes you will see in the Xbox One February System update:

  • Controller improvements – We’re excited to improve stability and speed on the Xbox One controller in the following ways:
    • Quick Connect – Previously, controller connections to Xbox One took approximately four-to-five seconds when powering on a controller. Now, it will only take about two seconds.
    • Stability improvements – The update also provides a number of fixes that address some of the controller disconnect issues reported by Xbox One owners.

      To download the update, connect a controller to your Xbox One with a USB cable.  Keep any headsets connected to the controller. Connect to Xbox Live. Press theMenu. Go to Settings > Devices & accessories and select the controller. If you have multiple controllers attached, you can select Buzz – which will cause the selected controller to vibrate. Then select Update to download the new firmware to the controller attached via the USB cable, and the screen will show the Updating controller … progress screen. When you see the Controller updated screen, press ‘B’ to go back to the Devices & accessories main page. Reselect the controller. The Firmware version should now be: 1.2.2236.0

  • Game hubs These are the go-to centers for interesting content, tips and tricks for your favorite titles. Every Xbox One game will have a game hub where you can see which friends are playing the game, compete with your friends in game leaderboards, dive into the coolest game clips and game broadcasts, and follow the game’s top broadcasters and clip creators.

    To get to the game hub for your favorite game, find a game in your pins, recently played list, or My games and apps, then press the Menu button and select View game hub. You can also search for any game in the Xbox Store and click on the Game Hub tile from the game’s store page.

    On the game’s activity feed, game developers can share interesting content with anyone who follows the game. You’ll be the first to get news on upcoming updates and DLC, featured game clips and trailers, behind the scenes content and more. All the news about your favorite games is delivered right to your console. Additionally, you can now choose to Follow a game from a game hub, which will incorporate the game’s activity feed content into your activity feed.

  • Party chat updates – We made several changes to party chat in recent weeks, including:
    • Chat connection status – New icons have been added to let you know the current status of a chat connection in your party. A Clock icon means the connection is being made. A Squawker Ring icon indicates the connection was successful, and actively shows who is speaking. An X icon means that networking limitations (such as a Strict NAT) are preventing the chat connection from completing for specific participants.
    • Improved connectivity between multiple participants with Strict or Moderate NATs – We also made some connectivity improvements to party chat in partial mesh situations when multiple participants are behind moderate or strict NATs with their home gateways/routers.
    • Game and party invitations – To help you more quickly know who is inviting you to what, we made improvements to game and party invitations. Now, you can see which of your friends is inviting you and what party or game the invite is for, without having to wait for the text to scroll on the notification.
    • Performance improvements – We also decreased the time it takes to set up person-to-person (P2P) connectivity for party chat and streamlined the retry logic for setting up party chat sessions.
  • Custom backgrounds and tile transparency – We’ve added tile transparency to the Home tiles to make your background images more visible. As a reminder, to set a custom background, go to Settings > My Xbox > My background. Note: some items can’t be made transparent due to usage rights/restrictions for certain images.
  • TV updates – A number of updates to the live TV experience are available today and new features have been added to additional countries including:
    • TV trending in OneGuide – As you scan the OneGuide TV listings, you can see which shows are trending with a “Trending on Xbox” or “Trending on Twitter” note and icon within the details for each show. Currently, Xbox TV trending is available to all Xbox One owners in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and Twitter trending is available in the United States.
    • Live TV trending (new countries) France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico now have the ability to see live TV trending data in Xbox OneGuide.
    • Improved control of TVs, set-top boxes and audio/video receivers – Xbox One works even better with more devices. Updates to the IR blasting database for new models have been added and address issues reported by our fan community.
    • “Trick play” with Xbox One Digital TV Tuner – Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners in supported countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) are now able to see video frames when fast-forwarding or rewinding paused TV on Xbox One consoles.
    • Live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android – Live TV streaming on Windows Phone and Android devices for Xbox One Digital TV Tuner owners has been added in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
    • OneGuide for the Netherlands – Support for OneGuide is being added for Xbox Live members in the Netherlands.

Some of the new content will require you to have Xbox Live gold membership, if you don’t have a Gold account you can get your hands on free 12 month Xbox live Gold membership just check out the Free Xbox live page to find out how.

Personalization Features coming to Xbox One in November Update.

November Update set to Make Xbox One that much Better.

It’s apparent that in recent months Microsoft has turned the Xbox One into a really great console, not just for gaming but for entertainment aswell. Microsoft have really started to take on board what their loyal customers want, and the November Update is another great example of that.

What to Expect in the Xbox One November Update.

Custom Dashboard backgrounds are finally here. With the November Update you will be able to have the chance to have your very own custom Dashboard background. This was the most requested thing in the November Update, and when the update rolls out next month you will be able to choose a custom colour or achievement art as your background on Xbox One, and more customization options are coming in future system updates.

Xbox One november update

Gamer profile improvements, Showing off your greatest gaming clips to your mates is always cool, but now thanks to the November update you will be able to share upto 6 of your favorite gaming moments onto your profile. This means ever time somebody clicks on your profile they will be able to see up to 6 of you best clips in a carousel format, no better way to let somebody know that you are a sick sniper on COD or a super skillful Fifa player.

Live TV Trending, This part of the November update will only be avialable to people in the US, Canada and the UK. A new tab will be available in the Oneguide, the tab will give you information on top 20 most watch shows at anytime( the list is updated every minute) not only will it give you a list of the currently most watch shows it will also filter to show only the things that are available for you to watch. As part of the Live TV Trending, you will now be able to access Twitter though the Miniguide to keep upto date on what people are talking about in any live show, you will also be able to jump straight into the convo.

That is just a few of what I think are the best new updates coming to the Xbox One this November, however, expect much more. Check out the video below, so you can see for youself just what you can expect in this latest Xbox One update.

Xbox Live gold members will once again benifit from the great range on new updates in November and that makes it the perfect time to take the plunge and go Gold if you haven’t already. If the fact that you have to pay for Xbox Live gold membership bothers you then you will be pleased to know that you can get yourself 12 Months Xbox Live gold Membership for Free, see the page Free Xbox Live for more information.

Xbox One, Call of duty Bundle to get 1TB hard drive.

Xbox One, Call of duty advanced warfare bundle comes with 1TB hard drive.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare, is set to hit the selves on Spetember 3rd, and in true Microsoft style an Xbox One bundle is to be released along side it. This time round, its not just Call of Duty that is going advanced. The Xbox One that comes in the bundle along side Call of duty: Advanced Warfare, wireless controller and a chat headset, boasts an impressive 1TB hard drive. 

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

The new console with the added 500gb hard drive is a much needed add-on for many Xbox One players these days, as more and more games are now taking up much more space, mix your games with Xbox One apps and before you know it your console is nearly running out of space. With the new 1TB Xbox One, space should never be an issue, well not for most anyway.

White Xbox One

White Xbox One Console

White Xbox One Console

The elusive white Xbox One console was reported too of been only available for Microsoft workers back when the console was launched last year. Microsoft have now confirmed that the White Xbox One with be released on October 28 in a Sunset Overdrive Bundle.  The console itself with only have the standard 500gb hard drive unlike the Call of duty bundle. The Sunset Overdrive bundle with come with exclusive Day one bonus weapons and items for all you Sunset Overdrive fans.

Xbox One FIFA bundle.

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

The last Xbox One bundle that has been confirmed, is the Fifa 15 Xbox One bundle. Please be aware, that this bundle is only available in Europe. The Xbox One Fifa 15 bundle with come with the console, wireless controller, chat headset, 14-day Xbox Live trial subscription, the FIFA 15 game, and an Ultimate Team Legends Gold Pack.

The 3 up and coming Xbox One bundles offer something for every gamer, and with the Xbox One prices getting more and more competitive all the time, now really is a great time to upgrade to the Next-Gen if you haven’t already, especially with all the upcoming Arcade games on Xbox One. Don’t or can’t afford the Xbox One? Get a Free Xbox One by clicking the link and read about just how to get a free Xbox One and Free Xbox One games today.


Free Games with Gold coming to Xbox One

Get Free Games on Xbox One 

Microsoft announced the Xbox One at last years E3 festival and at that time they also announced that they would be launching a new programme called Games with Gold for users of the Xbox 360. For those that are unaware of what, games with gold is, it is simple. Each month Microsoft give away 2 free games for you to download and keep forever, they only condition is that you must have an active Gold Membership to download them. The great thing about this offer is not only do you get your hands on a load of free games, you also get to keep them ever when you don’t have Xbox Live Gold membership anymore.

games with gold coming to xbox one june 2014

Microsoft have stated that this promotion will more than likely continue for the foreseeable future which is excellence news for everyone still on Xbox 360, not so excellence news for your hard drive space. Since the launch of the Xbox One there has been many questions about whether or not the is an offer that will carry over to the Xbox One. The one problem that Microsoft have faced with bringing the promotion over to the new console is the fact that there simply not enough games available on Xbox One in the first place to start giving them away for free.

Microsoft have announced yesterday however that as of June the Free games with gold deals will roll at to all Xbox 360 owners who have an active Gold subscription. This news has gone down really well with fans of the hugely popular gaming console and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on a few free games. Microsoft have however also announce that this promotion will be slightly different in that when you download the games you will still only be able to play them with you gold membership unlike on the Xbox 360 where you can play them without the gold account. I can see this being an issue for most people and It seems a pretty fair thing for Microsoft to do.

The First two Free games For Xbox One Are?

 Halo: Spartan assault This should have you Halo fans out there pretty excited. Although it may not be Halo as you know it, it is still always cool to submerge yourselves into the world of Halo wherever possible, not just that it should be you even more hyped up for Halo 5.


halo spartan assualt free with xbox live gold

free game with gold xbox one Halo spartan assualt

Max: The curse of Brotherhood – for those of you that have been taking advanced of the games for gold offer on the Xbox 360, you will probably know that this is one of those games that will sit on your hard drive and never really play. Give it some credit however this game does get a reasonable 6.9 score on metacritic and it does look abit of a laugh.

max the curse of the brotherhood free with gold

max the curse of the brotherhood free on xbox one june 2014

Thank you Microsft for actually listening to the fans and thank you for clogging up are hard drives with games.



Xbox One System Update Out today

Microsoft today have released a new Dashboard update for us Xbox One users. The update will roll out throughout the day around the world. This is the first Update we have had for the Xbox One and it seems that Microsoft is really starting to take its customers seriously as the update has addressed many of the things users around the world have been asking for.

One of the main things you will notice with this update is the new icon that sits next to the clock at the bottom of the dashboard (see image below)

Xbox one dashboard update

The Battery life Icon most will argue is a feature that should have come with the release of the console itself. There is nothing worst than leading the way in a race on forza online when you controller decides to die and you have to quickly get the plug and play out. Hopefully the new icon will save me and others many frustrating moments.

Some of the other things that are coming with the new update include:

  • The ability to see and manage your storage space. With this update, you will find it easy to find how much space your content takes up and better manage your content. You can also control your install lineup and more easily manage your download queue. We’ve separated My Games and My Apps into separate lists, so you can easily create separate queues for both. Now you can pick the order in which you want your content to load and we’ve added a boot progress indicator so you can better track updates while they load.
  • And, you will be able to use your USB keyboard with your Xbox One.

The fact that you can now connect a Keyboard to the Xbox One via USB is a very cool new feature especially if like me you are thinking ahead to the Elder scrolls online and how much easier it will be to play via a keyboard instead of a Xbox One controller. It will also be interesting to see if the ability to use a mouse will become available at some point aswell.

So Microsoft is finally starting to listen and slowly put surely they are giving us what we want, and guess what for once Microsoft have out done themselves, because with the latest update Microsoft have confirmed that the next update will be less that a month away (march 4th) The update that has been titled “Countdown to Titanfall” a spokesmen from Microsoft said this –

On March 4, in advance of what is expected to be the biggest game launch of the year, we will be delivering another system update to prepare your Xbox One for “Titanfall.” This update will contain many new features and improvements, most significantly to our party and multiplayer systems. Available on March 11, “Titanfall” is a team-based online multiplayer game that showcases the power of Xbox Live, and we will be shipping a new party and multiplayer system that will help make “Titanfall” the must-have game for this generation.


2 Million Xbox One consoles sold in 18 days.

Over 2 million Xbox One consoles sold to date.

xbox one day one

Customers in line for the Day One edition Xbox One

2013 has been one hell of a year for every gamer around the world, whether it’s because this year we have seen some of the best-selling console games of all time or because the Next-Gen consoles have finally arrived. Next-Gen is here and everyone is clearly wanting a piece of the new hardware that the big boys are offering us. Major Nelson announced on his Blog the yesterday that the latest Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox One has already sold over 2 million units within the first 18 days of the consoles life. This is a new record for Microsoft and one that isn’t that surprise as the Xbox One is such hot property right now. The Xbox One is showing its predecessor how it’s done, as the Xbox 360 took roughly a year to reach the 2 million units sold mark. Since the consoles launch back 22nd November gamers around the world have been putting the new hardware to the test, Microsoft stated that so far Users have spent more than 83 million hours in games, TV, and apps since launch on November 22. Including both digital games and video purchases, users have been responsible for more than 1 million paid transactions on Xbox Live, not only that, Microsoft added that Xbox One owners have unlocked more than 39 million achievements worth a combined 595 million total Gamerscore.

The Console war is still on going.

For quite awhile now there has been many heated debates as to which Next-Gen console will be the best out of the PS4 & Xbox One and now that both consoles have launched the war is continuing. Sony announced last week that there PS4 had already reached over 2.1 million units sold to the public which is a huge success and is at the moment winning over its rival the Xbox One in terms of sales, however it is not over by a long shot with Christmas just around the corner now the rivalry between the two consoles is guaranteed to increase.

Some other interesting stats that come with the news about the Xbox One reaching over 2 million sales for you guys. Amazon director of video games said at peak demand, customers were ordering the Xbox One at over 1,000 units per minute. Meanwhile, GameStop merchandising executive Bob Puzon described the Xbox One as “one of our hottest selling products this holiday season.” Wal-Mart VP of entertainment Chris Nagelson said the Xbox One was a “top-seller” on Black Friday and that the company is refreshing its inventory “as fast as we can” to ensure customers can purchase the system for Christmas. One other cool fact is that the console has shifted an average of 111,111 units per day since making its debut on November 22.

Still not got your hands on the latest must have console?. if the answer is no they why don’t you get yourself a Free Xbox One, yes that’s right you can get your hands on a Free Xbox One and best of all it’s easy. check out this page to learn how to get a free Xbox One today.

Xbox Live Arcade Games set to give you more for your Money.

Download only games on Xbox One to get new 1000 gamerscore limit.

xbox live arcade titles

For those of you out there like myself that love to play Xbox Live Arcade games, then I have some excellent news for you. Firstly let me just clarify something, Xbox Live Arcade is something that doesn’t exist anymore on the Xbox One. The games that would normally fall into that category are now amongst all other game titles. I don’t know whether I like the idea that arcade games don’t have their own section nor do Indie games anymore, however Microsoft think that in getting rid of Xbox Live Arcade category it will give the games themselves more exposure to the general masses, which I do have to agree with, as at the moment on Xbox 360 I feel the Xbox Live Arcade section is a bit tucked away and I actually have friends that have never looked at the section on Xbox 360 so hopefully it will help. Just to add to make sure there is no confusion, Xbox Live Arcade will still be running on Xbox 360.

400 gamerscore limit For Arcade titles to be lifted on Xbox One.

Xbox 360 Arcade titles are all limited to a maximum of 400 gamerscore meaning it limits the amount of achievements developers can add into each Xbla game which is a huge blow for fans of theses games. It is a well-known fact that Xbox Live Arcade games don’t have the depth in both stories and online features to compete against the big games on the console such as your Halos, and Call of Duty however this isn’t surprising considering the cost of a XBLA game is a fraction of the price you would pay for a new big title. Achievements are a way for me personally to get more out of my XBLA games as it gives me a reason to replay the game and therefore I end you getting well worth my money out of the game itself, For example some of the achievements in the highly popular Xbox Live Arcade game, Trails Evolution took me a long time to acquire. Microsoft’s cap on the Gamerscore for Xbox Live Arcade games will never be changed on the Xbox 360 unfortunately.

new achievement unlocked on xbox one

new achievement unlocked on xbox one

Now that the Xbox Live Arcade category has been irradiated on the Xbox One, so has the 400 Gamerscore cap on the titles that would fall under the category itself. Microsoft are yet to confirm that this is true however the evidence that’s available would suggest that this will be a common thing for all arcade games in the future. PopCap the creators of Peggle 2 the download only game due out in December for Xbox One has shown that they will be taking full advantage of the new 1000 gamerscore cap. As a game that will be available to buy for just $11.99 this is fantastic to see. Another arcade game, or should I say Download only game that will boast a 1000 gamerscore at launch on Xbox One is the new Halo: Spartan assault.

peggle 2 on xbox one

Peggle 2 for Xbox One


Is 1000 gamerscore too much for an Arcade title?.

The Question Now is does an Xbox Live Arcade game (download only game) have enough content to give you a whole bunch of new achievements to unlock or will we see like in Minecraft 360 Edition a load of pointless easy achievement that you will get for simply playing the game?. I hope it wont be the case with future Arcade titles, and I defiantly think this new cap on gamerscore will add a certain amount of value and playability to a lot of arcade titles. One thing is for certain, this is great news for any gaming fans on the Xbox One and also for the savvy Achievement hunter out there like myself. What do you think of the news, let me know in the comments below.

Owners of Faulty Xbox One given Free Xbox One game.

Free Xbox One game to all people with faulty Xbox One console.

It turned out that the launch of the Xbox One didn’t go as smoothly as Microsoft would have liked and this is mainly down to the fact that within only a couple of hours of the launch on friday people were reporting Faulty disk drives. As you can imagine Microsoft were quick to act up on this and quickly released a statement that claimed this is a problem that has only affected a very small portion of the 1 million plus Xbox One consoles sold so far.

Free Xbox One game for your troubles.

People who have suffered from theses terrible hardware failures will be pleased to know that Microsoft have also stated that they will be giving out a free Xbox One game of your choose. Affected customers will have the choice of 4 Xbox One games, which are :  Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon. The good news is all this games are Downloadable so you can continue playing games while you wait for the replacement to arrive, it may be disappointing to have hardware troubles when you first get your hands on the new next-gen console however you can’t say Microsoft haven’t handled it in the best possible way. On the plus side the Disk drive fault is one of the only issues that has cropped up since the launch on friday.

Microsoft’s Xbox One of to a flying start?.

The Xbox One off to a great start, or is it?.

xbox one launch

Friday 22nd of November saw the release of the third generation Xbox by Microsoft. This year gamers around the world have eagerly been waiting for the release of the Next-Gen consoles. On the build up to the launch dates, gamers all over the world have been debating which console will rein victorious. The war between Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 has provided me and I can imagine others some great entertainment over the past few months, but one thing that no one can argue about is the fact that both Next-Gen consoles are awesome in their own right. In the build up to the Xbox One launch date Microsoft made what is fair to say a few mistakes, the DRM incident being the main talking point. But it seems despite the early slip ups by Microsoft and despite Sony putting up quite a good argument on why people should buy a PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One has still managed to break records since its launch. Microsoft announced on Friday that over 1 million consoles have already been sold worldwide and that pretty much all store are now sold out.

It’s all going a bit to well.

Just when it seems that Microsoft had managed to ride the bad criticism it received prior to its launch, reports have been cropping up around the web that the console itself has hardware failures, to be more specific Disk read failure. Now while this doesn’t seem to be a widespread fault, it is a worry never the less and it’s something that you don’t want to here when the console itself is only days old. Microsoft have been very quick to address the situation and said this is something they are looking into and wanted to point out that this has only affected a small number of Xbox One consoles.

Green Screen Of Death on Xbox One. aka (GSOD)

As with pretty much ever new piece of tech that is released this days problems/Glitches are pretty much guaranteed and the Xbox One is no different. Within hours of the console going on sale last friday the Xbox support forum was littered with complaints from angry customers, who were all suffering from this Green screen of death. What is the Green screen of death on the Xbox One?. Well basically for those that haven’t heard about this yet, when the console is started up for the first time it need to update the software once the update is complete some people have been complaining that the system freezes up and you are left staring at a Green screen. Most people find that restarting the system itself has solved this issue while others simply said that if you wait a couple of minutes the console will start-up itself anyway. So this GSOD isn’t a big deal and certainly isn’t causing any serious issues to the Xbox One itself.

green screen of death xbox

Green screen of Death on Xbox One (GSOD

Back to the positives.

It seems that for all the problems people are reporting that there are plenty of gamers out there putting the new next-gen console through its paces, if fact according to Microsoft statisticians it is estimated that players have killed off more that 60 million zombies, driven 3.6 million miles and earned 43 million fit points as they explore some of the 22 titles available from launch.

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