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Free Xbox One Games This July.

Free games with Gold this July on Xbox One.

games with gold promo xbox one

This month we finally got Games with gold on Xbox One, which we are all grateful for. The first free games to come to Xbox One this June were Hal0: Spartan Assault and Max the curse of the brotherhood, which is still available to download now on Xbox One.

With July just around the corner, Microsoft’s Major nelson finally announced the games for free in July on Xbox One. Unfortunately it’s a bit of bad news for the games with gold promotion in July, the promotion is continuing in July however there will only be one new Free Xbox One game to download, the game that will replace Halo:Spartan Assault and be available to download free on the 2nd of July is Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionThere will be no further games coming to Xbox One for free in July however Major nelson also confirmed today that Max: the curse of the brotherhood would remain free to download until the end of July. I certainly hope that this isn’t going to be a recurring thing each month, but we will have to wait and see. One game is defiantly better than none.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition free on Xbox One in July.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, is a brawler/platformer that see’s you become the character knows as Juan Aguacate, a masked Mexican wrestler on a mission to save the President’s daughter from the evil, skeletal Carlos Calaca. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is a game born from the highly talked about ID@Xbox programme. With Microsoft really showing off the full power of the ID@Xbox programme at E3 this year, the next few months really do look bright for Xbox One arcade games/Players.

Don’t like waiting for the next months Games with gold promotion to get your hands on Free Xbox One games?. If so check out the Free Xbox One games page on the site to found out how you can get your hands on the latest Xbox One games absolutly free.


Worms Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One May 30th/June 3rd

Worms Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One this May.

xbox one arcade game worms battlegrounds released 30th of may 2014

Team 17, the creators of Worms, one of the biggest classics of all time have finally finished the first worms game of the Next Gen era in Worms Battleground. You will be able to get your hands on Worms Battlegrounds on the 30th of may if you live in Europe or the 3rd of June for America, the game will be available to buy in store(but only in selected stores) or from the Xbox One Dashboard for around £15-20.

What to expect in Worms Battlegrounds?.

Worms Battleground brings you warfare of the highest order with over 60 weapons( of which 10 are brand new never been see before) to choose from and over 30 missions, you will be sure to enjoy the new Next Gen Worms. Worms Battleground also brings you stunning 3D visuals, don’t panic the game is still in classic 2D and the way in which Team 17 have created the awesome looking 3D landscape in the game is amazing.

Are Worms a Dying Breed?

worms battlegrounds on xbox one

Team 17, have given gamers around the world years of entertainment with the Worms Franchise however I now just feel like it’s getting to a stage where a new Worms comes out every year and doesn’t really bring enough new stuff to it to give it that longevity that you want from a modern-day game. Don’t get me wrong I will still probably get this game mainly for the fact that you can still play online with up to 4 players, that is one of the biggest selling points for me in the Worms franchise these days. Worms Battlefield will still no doubt be a success when it is releases on the 30th May however I wonder if that is because people are buying it for nostalgia of it or because they genuinely like the look of the first of many Next-Gen Worms.

One quick note for all you The IT Crowd fans out there, Katherine Parkinson is part of the voice over team in the game and to be honest having the likes of Katherine on board makes up for the lack of cut scenes and slow gameplay.

With so many amazing Xbox One arcade games coming soon to Xbox One I am left wondering how well Worms Battlegrounds will fair, only time will time for these little guys.

I will possibly do a full review of Worms Battlegrounds when the game is released so make sure you keep you eyes peeled here on


Halo 5 Coming to Xbox One 2015

Halo 5 release date 2015

halo 5 out on xbox one 2015

Halo is the biggest selling gaming franchise exclusive to Xbox and there is good reason for that. Halo has been one-off if not the best game ever made, so when we found out that Halo 5 will be coming to Xbox One 2015 we got just a little bit exited. Many fans of the series may be a little disappointed by how long you might have to wait to get your latest Halo fix however there is more to this story.

IGN had an interview with Steve Downes, the voice actor for Masterchief in the upcoming Halo 5. Downes made it clear that Halo 5 is not near completion and we will probably be looking late 2015 before we can finally get are grumpy little mitts on it.

Halo 2 anniversary edition rumors late 2014

One of the other things Downes mentioned in the Interview with IGN is that we should be expected to see the launch of the Halo 2 Anniversary Edition at some point later this year. Shortly after the interview Downes quickly added that he is simpler saying that as it is what he has read online. We believe that the actor has accidentally let slip and Microsoft have quickly moved to hush the story up. We could be wrong, but here is hoping that Halo 2 Anniversary edition is on the horizon and we can be playing at some point this year

For now us Halo fans out there will just have to continue playing the games we have now, although I would love nothing more than for A Halo Wars 2 to come out that would keep me entertained until Halo 5.

Evolve: coming to Xbox One 2014

Evolve Looking to set a new standard for Online Multiplayer

From the creators of Left 4 Dead, possibly one of the best multiplayer fps of all times, comes Evolve. 2KStudios and

evolve xbox one

evolve coming soon for xbox one

Evolve sees you take control of a member of a 4 man/women team that is dropped into an Alien planet (aka planet Shear) and is tasked with hunting and taking out of an ever evolving super-beast before it gets too powerful. The super-beast (aka Godzilla) will also be controlled by a player (more on that below) creating 4v1 matches, basically if you can imagine left 4 dead with only the Tank and in space you will pretty much get the picture.

The game itself looks set to be a very good game that you can play with your mates, thinking back to some of the great games I played with pals on Left 4 dead makes me sure that this is going to compete with that if not even top it. Evolve will not just be Online based you will be able to play single player, which may be a nice way to get used to the different classes/characters.

Meet the Humans

evolve xbox one the hunters

Evolve Xbox One meet the team

As already pointed out above the interstellar hunters that are tasked with the mammoth task of tracking down and killing the Super-beast will consist of 4 members. All four members will have their own individuals classes which will collective create A nicely put together team. The classes available to the humans are:

  • AssaultThe assault class is pretty straight forward, if you are the guy that likes to get stuck straight in this is the class for you. Equip with Assault rifle, lighting gun and the ability to deploy a shield in front of yourself as you will most definitely be the centre of attention when it comes to the Super-beast.
  • MedicAs the medic you will find yourself looking after the team for the game, being the mate that makes sure everyone else is ok. With the medic class you will find yourself equipped with a gun that can heal team mates and one of the cool things a medic will have is the ability to tranquillize the monster to slow its movement.
  • Trapper The trapper class is basically the scout of the team. As the trapper you will be in charge of sound spike that will trigger when ever the beast is in the area, given the fact that the arenas seem to be very big the spikes will defiantly come in handy. Once you have located the monster you will also be able to deploy a mobile arena trapping the monster in that space for a certain amount of time allowing you time to damage if not destroy it.
  • SupportThe last class is the Support. The support class offers the player things like being able to use a flying craft that you control which is equipped with machine guns, not only that put you will be able to clock yourself. The neatest feature that I think the support class offers is the fact you can use a shield projector to protect other team mates.

That is all the different classes you can choose from for the human team. Evolve defiantly looks like a game in which communication is the key to winning, so I think getting a good set of mates together will make this game much more enjoyable.

Meet The Monster/Beast/Godzilla

evolve xbox one the monster

Evolve Xbox One meet the monster

I can already tell that when this game is first released everybody will be trying their hardest to land themselves the spot as the Monster, I mean what would you rather, some big giant monster that is hungry for one thing and one thing only, Blood or some little humans with guns?. No in all seriousness the role you will take on as the monster isn’t what you would think at first. Yes as the Monster you are tasked with eliminating the human team but unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that. As the Monster you will first need to try to Evolve, to do so you will need to travel around the planet killing and eating other creatures including some of its team mates (aka minions). As the monster you will have many different abilities including being able to breathe fire and throw boulders aswell as being super fast and nimble.

This game looks set to be so much fun and I really hope it can deliever on what sounds like a great conspect. Games like Titanfall may be getting all the hype right now but I can see this game being very popular come the end of this year and I can’t wait for a release date.

Be sure to check back with us for more news on Evolve when it comes here on Xbox One freebies. Oh and before I forget, here is the launch trailer for you to check out. Enjoy!!

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