Free Xbox One

How To Get A Free Xbox One?.

Are you looking to get your hands on the brand new next-gen console the Xbox One but can’t afford to buy the hugely popular console?. If so don’t fear you can still get your hands on the Xbox one For Free, yes that’s right I said FREE!!!. I already know most of you will be thinking of the classic saying “If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is” however if you read all the information on this page you will realise that there really is a way to get your hands on A Free Xbox One, can you imagine showing of a brand new free Xbox One to your friends & family.

free xbox one

So What have I got to do to get my Free Console?.

Step 1: To get your hands on the Xbox One you will first need to sign up to a site called Xpango (Xpango are a registered company based in the Uk however operate worldwide) Click the link below to go to Xpango and sign up. Xpango currently have 2,400,00+ people who have all signed up and have received freebies or are working towards getting there Freebies.

sign up to xpango here    Step 2: Once you have signed up to Xpango and selected the Xbox One as your free gift you must complete an offer, don’t panick I know it sounds scary but trust me there are a lot of Free offers that you can complete. If you are from the UK I highly recommend the Lovefilm  No-Obligation 30 day Free Trial, and for those of you that are overseas why not try out the 14 day Free Trail with Game house. To find out why you need to complete an offer and to find out more about Xpango in general check out the How it works page.


Step 3: The finally step to receiving your Free Xbox One is to get a couple of your friends to sign up to Xpango aswell. Each Free gift on Xpango costs a certain amount of credits,  credits which can be earnt by completing other offers or getting some of your friends and family to sign up to Xpango. On the site itself there is lots of information and helpfully advice to give you a clearer understanding on how everything works, why not start off by looking at the Xpango Credit guide.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

That’s it, I know it may seem a lot harder than you thought it was going to be but just thing about it this way, following 3 easy steps and  you will be getting your hands on a brand new Free Xbox One. The beautiful thing is that once you claim your first free gift you can carry on and try to get your hands on Free Xbox Live gold membership or Free Xbox One games.

What Do I get with my Free Xbox One.

The new Console from Microsoft give you so much more than its predecessor the Xbox 360. The Xbox One comes with a 500gb hard drive which is double the size of the Xbox 360, not only that the whole system has been made to should a high standard that the Xbox One can compete against some of the best PC’s out there. One of the other cool new things that you will get with the Xbox One is the massively popular Kinect. Other things that the Xbox One has is a built-in Blu-ray player, free wi-fi built-in amongst lots of other things. So what are you waiting for?. You now know how to get your hands on the Xbox One for free so get started today.

Still need more proof?. If so I urge you to check out the Xpango YouTube channel :Xpango TV where there is plenty of videos that real Xpango customers have sent in to prove they really have managed to receive Free gifts from Xpango.


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