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2 Free Xbox One games January 2016

Free Xbox One games 2016

Running out of space on your Xbox One hard drive yet?. organise your hard drive renew your Xbox live gold subscription and get ready for more epic Free Xbox one games.

The games that are kicking of 2016 are as follows:

1. Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition

Get those fingers warmed up as you play this epic button basher. Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition brings you, Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Glacius, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal and Fulgore, 8 costumes, 16 premium accessory packs, and KI Classic game which was originally released back in 1994 #throwback.

Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition will be available from the 1st  of January all the way through until the end of the month. With the game normally retailing at £31.99/$39.99 it is surely already justify the upgrade to Xbox Live gold membership.

games with gold january 2016.png

January 2016 games with gold.

2. Zheros

The second free Xbox one game of 2016 to drop will be Zheros. Zheros is fresh of the block as it doesn’t actually get released until January 16th when it becomes available for Free on the games with gold campaign. Zheros, an indie beat-em-up designed just for Xbox One with it’s amazing visuals, sees you take control of the Zheros’ special agents who’s objectives are simple, derail the plans of evil mastermind Dr. Vendetta.

This game defiantly looks like a good old fashion boredom buster as I like to call it, with its cartoon style graphics and cheesy looking story line I can easily see myself notching up a few hours on this.

Zheros with be available from January 16th up until the 15th of February, and once it has finished will go back to its normal price of £14.99/$19.99.

These are the games kick starting the new year on Xbox One, If you are still without a Xbox One because Santa didn’t bring you one for Christmas or because you simply cant afford it, don’t fear. There is still a way of getting hold of a Free Xbox One in 2016 simply head over to the Free Xbox One page for more information, While your there be sure to check out the Free Xbox Live 2016 page to find out how to get the most up to date Xbox Live gold memberships for free.


Surprise Free Xbox One game out now.

Microsoft Releases A new Free Xbox One game.

voice commander free on xbox OneFree Xbox One games, yes please!!!. Mircosoft surprised everybody yesterday, with the launch of a new Free Xbox One game called Voice Commander.

Voice Commander, is a retro-styled space shooter in which you are set the task of defending planet Earth from endless waves of enemy space ships. Voice Commander can be played by up to 8 people all on the same console, each player with take charge of their own ship while Multiply players can also use the kinect voice commands to control Vox(A friendly space ship with a cool array of weapons) to aid in the battle of protecting earth.

Voice Commander, one of the first games to be launched by the Microsoft garage team, is a very simple game to play and will be a great game to play when you get together with a large group of friends (just remind them to bring their controllers.)

voice commander free on Xbox One

Voice Commander is currently only available to download in North America, but that doesn’t stop you from getting the game. If you live outside of North America, to get hold of this latest Free Xbox One  game you will need to chance your DNS servers over, download the game and then chance your DNS servers back. The game will work perfectly fine once you change your DNS servers back. To find out how to change your DNS servers over to a North American server, I suggest you have a look on Youtube, it is a fairly straight forward process.


New Xbox One Console Bundle to Include Free Assassin’s Creed games,

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle Available this November.


With Christmas just around the corner, the Console war is certain to heat up again with both Sony and Microsoft competing for the mass of the christmas trade. Microsoft are taking no chances and have announced that they are launching a killer new Bundle package for the up coming Assassin’s Creed Unity.

To attarct more people to The Xbox One, Microsoft will be launching two new bundles this November. Starting from the 2nd of November selected retailers will be offering an Xbox One Bundle that will include the standard 500gb Xbox One console with Kinect sensor bar, wireless controller, headset and One month Free Xbox live Gold subscription. Along with the standard Console package, you will be able to pick up the new Assassin’s Creed Unity(which launches the 11th of November) as a download code that can be predownloaded ready to play on the 11th of Noevember. The Bundle will also include a download code for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and a code for Dance Central Spotlight. The Bundle will be priced at $499,99(£319.99)

The second bunlde will be without the kinect sensor and be priced at $399.99(£249.99). Thw Two bundles are bound to be hugely popular given the fact that the Assissins Creed serie franchise has sold more than 77 million copies to date.

Are you looking at getting a Xbox One Console?, If the answer is yes, why not check out the Free Xbox One page to find out how you can get a Free Xbox One.

Free-to-play Game Smite Coming to Xbox One

MOBA game Smite Coming soon to Xbox One.

During Microsoft’s press conference at Gamescom this year, Smite was revealed in a trailer along with many other amazing looking games, all of which are coming to Xbox One thanks to the ID@Xbox programme. Smite is by far in my opinion the stand out game in the incredible line up that was showcased in the trailer, and to make it even better, its Free to play.

Smite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) which would usually worry me, as MOBA’s don’t convert to Consoles that well. Smite looks set to break the trend and could become the biggest and best MOBA the consoles will ever see.

Hi-Rez Studios third person action MOBA Smite sees you take control of a god (Hercules,Thor,Poseidon & many more) as you battle in a player vs player arena, with the help of AI controlled mythological creatures helping you fight and ultimately destroy the enemy base. For those of you that are worried that a MOBA game won’t work on a Console Chris Charla( Director of ID@Xbox for Microsoft) had this to say “As a third person action game, Smite is perfectly suited for the Xbox One controller” whether that will be the case we will have to wait to see.

Smite is just one of a whole explosion of Free-to-play games that are making there way to Xbox One over the next year, which is such exciting news, see my recent post on Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter, another amazing looking Free-to-play game coming to Xbox One in 2015. The fact that Smite is a Free-to-play game, is the main reason I think this game is going to thrive on The Xbox One and I hope I’m right. The Xbox One console really is the perfect platform to launch a game like Smite to the masses, why not check out the trailer below.

To keep up to date with all the latest going on in and around the Xbox One world, make sure to bookmark Xbox One Freebies, and for more information on Xbox One arcade games coming soon be sure to check back.

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Free on Xbox One.

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Coming to Xbox One, early 2015.

dungeons & dragons coming to xbox one 2015

MMO(Massively multiplayer online) is coming to Xbox One, thanks to the launch of Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter. Publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Cryptic Studios announced that the hugely popular free-to-play PC game Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter will be launching on Xbox One early 2015, and the game wll remain  free-to-play ( Xbox Live gold Subscription will be required).

Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter, is set in the Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe. prepare to choose you classes, prepare to choose you character, prepare to tackle any enemies that stand in your path, in this MMORPG. ( Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

See the launch trailer for the PC version of Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Below. No trailer has been launched for the Xbox One version yet.

Free Xbox One games.

Whether you are a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, or a fan of MMO’s, it doesn’t matter because everybody is a fan of free Xbox One games. Microsoft are really creating a gaming library that covers all gamers needed and budgets, and the explosion of Free-to-play games that are making their way on to the console is great and long may it continue. If you want more games for free on Xbox One check out the How to get free Xbox One games page for all the information you need.

Xbox One, Call of duty Bundle to get 1TB hard drive.

Xbox One, Call of duty advanced warfare bundle comes with 1TB hard drive.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare, is set to hit the selves on Spetember 3rd, and in true Microsoft style an Xbox One bundle is to be released along side it. This time round, its not just Call of Duty that is going advanced. The Xbox One that comes in the bundle along side Call of duty: Advanced Warfare, wireless controller and a chat headset, boasts an impressive 1TB hard drive. 

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

The new console with the added 500gb hard drive is a much needed add-on for many Xbox One players these days, as more and more games are now taking up much more space, mix your games with Xbox One apps and before you know it your console is nearly running out of space. With the new 1TB Xbox One, space should never be an issue, well not for most anyway.

White Xbox One

White Xbox One Console

White Xbox One Console

The elusive white Xbox One console was reported too of been only available for Microsoft workers back when the console was launched last year. Microsoft have now confirmed that the White Xbox One with be released on October 28 in a Sunset Overdrive Bundle.  The console itself with only have the standard 500gb hard drive unlike the Call of duty bundle. The Sunset Overdrive bundle with come with exclusive Day one bonus weapons and items for all you Sunset Overdrive fans.

Xbox One FIFA bundle.

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

The last Xbox One bundle that has been confirmed, is the Fifa 15 Xbox One bundle. Please be aware, that this bundle is only available in Europe. The Xbox One Fifa 15 bundle with come with the console, wireless controller, chat headset, 14-day Xbox Live trial subscription, the FIFA 15 game, and an Ultimate Team Legends Gold Pack.

The 3 up and coming Xbox One bundles offer something for every gamer, and with the Xbox One prices getting more and more competitive all the time, now really is a great time to upgrade to the Next-Gen if you haven’t already, especially with all the upcoming Arcade games on Xbox One. Don’t or can’t afford the Xbox One? Get a Free Xbox One by clicking the link and read about just how to get a free Xbox One and Free Xbox One games today.


How to get Free games On Xbox One

Free arcade classics on Xbox One

Xbox One has been around for a few months now but unfortunately the games haven’t exactly been flooding in leaving many of us gamers out there a little bored of the Next-gen already. There is a solution to the boredom crisis that has hit the Xbox One owners and that is Arcade classics. Here’s what to do, Open up your internet explorer app on your Xbox One, then head to this site once on the site it is pretty straight forward, just simply choose the game you want to play and of you go. Don’t be expecting games that will give Titanfall a run for its money, however I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself and it really is a neat little site to go on when you are bored and have a bit of time to kill. Have a look at the screen shots below to see just some of the free games you can play at playboxie.

free xbox one gamesmore free xbox one gameseven more free xbox one games

I am guessing that there is more sites like this around the web and if you do happen to know of one please do feel free to share in the comment section below. Please also remember that you need an Xbox Live Gold membership to access Internet Explorer on Xbox One, if you are yet to get a gold membership why not get one for free. Check out my page on How to get free Xbox live gold on Xbox one to find out how to get it absolutely free.

Thanks to Microsoft announcement yesterday, you can now get your hands on Free Xbox One games thanks to the games with gold offer. When I say you can now get your hands on Xbox one games for free I am lying a little bit because this offer because available in June for more details check out my other post about it here: free games coming to Xbox One

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