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New Xbox One Console Bundle to Include Free Assassin’s Creed games,

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle Available this November.


With Christmas just around the corner, the Console war is certain to heat up again with both Sony and Microsoft competing for the mass of the christmas trade. Microsoft are taking no chances and have announced that they are launching a killer new Bundle package for the up coming Assassin’s Creed Unity.

To attarct more people to The Xbox One, Microsoft will be launching two new bundles this November. Starting from the 2nd of November selected retailers will be offering an Xbox One Bundle that will include the standard 500gb Xbox One console with Kinect sensor bar, wireless controller, headset and One month Free Xbox live Gold subscription. Along with the standard Console package, you will be able to pick up the new Assassin’s Creed Unity(which launches the 11th of November) as a download code that can be predownloaded ready to play on the 11th of Noevember. The Bundle will also include a download code for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and a code for Dance Central Spotlight. The Bundle will be priced at $499,99(£319.99)

The second bunlde will be without the kinect sensor and be priced at $399.99(£249.99). Thw Two bundles are bound to be hugely popular given the fact that the Assissins Creed serie franchise has sold more than 77 million copies to date.

Are you looking at getting a Xbox One Console?, If the answer is yes, why not check out the Free Xbox One page to find out how you can get a Free Xbox One.


Xbox One, Call of duty Bundle to get 1TB hard drive.

Xbox One, Call of duty advanced warfare bundle comes with 1TB hard drive.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare, is set to hit the selves on Spetember 3rd, and in true Microsoft style an Xbox One bundle is to be released along side it. This time round, its not just Call of Duty that is going advanced. The Xbox One that comes in the bundle along side Call of duty: Advanced Warfare, wireless controller and a chat headset, boasts an impressive 1TB hard drive. 

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

Call of duty: Advanced Warfare 1TB Xbox One

The new console with the added 500gb hard drive is a much needed add-on for many Xbox One players these days, as more and more games are now taking up much more space, mix your games with Xbox One apps and before you know it your console is nearly running out of space. With the new 1TB Xbox One, space should never be an issue, well not for most anyway.

White Xbox One

White Xbox One Console

White Xbox One Console

The elusive white Xbox One console was reported too of been only available for Microsoft workers back when the console was launched last year. Microsoft have now confirmed that the White Xbox One with be released on October 28 in a Sunset Overdrive Bundle.  The console itself with only have the standard 500gb hard drive unlike the Call of duty bundle. The Sunset Overdrive bundle with come with exclusive Day one bonus weapons and items for all you Sunset Overdrive fans.

Xbox One FIFA bundle.

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

xbox one fifa 15 bundle

The last Xbox One bundle that has been confirmed, is the Fifa 15 Xbox One bundle. Please be aware, that this bundle is only available in Europe. The Xbox One Fifa 15 bundle with come with the console, wireless controller, chat headset, 14-day Xbox Live trial subscription, the FIFA 15 game, and an Ultimate Team Legends Gold Pack.

The 3 up and coming Xbox One bundles offer something for every gamer, and with the Xbox One prices getting more and more competitive all the time, now really is a great time to upgrade to the Next-Gen if you haven’t already, especially with all the upcoming Arcade games on Xbox One. Don’t or can’t afford the Xbox One? Get a Free Xbox One by clicking the link and read about just how to get a free Xbox One and Free Xbox One games today.

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