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Surprise Free Xbox One game out now.

Microsoft Releases A new Free Xbox One game.

voice commander free on xbox OneFree Xbox One games, yes please!!!. Mircosoft surprised everybody yesterday, with the launch of a new Free Xbox One game called Voice Commander.

Voice Commander, is a retro-styled space shooter in which you are set the task of defending planet Earth from endless waves of enemy space ships. Voice Commander can be played by up to 8 people all on the same console, each player with take charge of their own ship while Multiply players can also use the kinect voice commands to control Vox(A friendly space ship with a cool array of weapons) to aid in the battle of protecting earth.

Voice Commander, one of the first games to be launched by the Microsoft garage team, is a very simple game to play and will be a great game to play when you get together with a large group of friends (just remind them to bring their controllers.)

voice commander free on Xbox One

Voice Commander is currently only available to download in North America, but that doesn’t stop you from getting the game. If you live outside of North America, to get hold of this latest Free Xbox OneĀ  game you will need to chance your DNS servers over, download the game and then chance your DNS servers back. The game will work perfectly fine once you change your DNS servers back. To find out how to change your DNS servers over to a North American server, I suggest you have a look on Youtube, it is a fairly straight forward process.



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